It's your business

You started it - you own it. But now you think you have to go it alone.

You can't grow a business without sales - right! And so you concentrate on sales.

But sales come from marketing, and so you concentrate on marketing. This means - websites, advertising, social media, blog posts, SEO, etc.

Then you have to keep track of customers - those people who forever seem to get in the way of your business. They have enquiries, they need support, and they need your attention.

Before long, you are overwhelmed with these new tasks that increasingly consume your time - tasks that distract you from your primary function, which is building up your business.

But don't worry - we're in the age of computers, and along with computers, there are computer applications (APPS) that help you keep track of everything. There are 'customer relationship management (CRM)' APPS that take care of your 'sales pipelines', 'funnels', and 'customer journeys and experiences.' Other features provide 'onboarding' and 'surveys' designed to give your customers a warm and cosy experience. There are online accounting APPS that make you feel like you are in control. And when all this gets too much, some APPS will integrate information from all those other APPS, which ultimately creates an even bigger mess.