But let's think about this.

While all this stuff makes running a business look easy and efficient, your time is being slowly consumed by stuff that is designed to keep you busy. After all - it has been drummed into us that being busy equates to success.

Consequently, all this activity gives you the impression that you must be succeeding, even while your business is falling apart.

It's little wonder that many small businesses never make it past the first year, and most are gone after year five. But these are only statistics. They don't represent the broken dreams and the heartbreak associated with losing everything you tried to build.

That's just the front end of the business.

There's also the backend of the business. Along with the bookkeeping and the tax compliance, there is the ever-threatening and overly complicated red-tape imposed upon you by the multiple levels of government. This bureaucracy isn't in place to help you or your business succeed. Its sole purpose is to use you and your company to keep more and more civil servants employed.

When does it all stop?

It stops when you burn out, quit, or your business fails.

Alternatively, you can give us a call.