It's all about experience!

And we are here to share what we have learned.

We are not Tickers, Tailors or even Candle Stick Makers

Over the years, we have been asked many times what we know about a particular type of business. The usual answer is - very little. We are not here as industry experts.  That's your job - that’s your speciality. 

Our speciality lies in the foundation of every business, regardless of what product or service that business brings to the market.

Initially, we started out advising companies about their computer needs. But we also watched these same businesses floundering in other areas. That’s when we focused our attention on a full-time effort to help these struggling companies.

Today, we have backed away from the hands-on approach. Instead, we decided to offer a series of Training Courses so that we could help more companies.

We can't teach experience.

What we can do is share our experiences so that you - the business owner, can focus your enthusiasm in the right direction.