How do we measure success!

The simple answer is – we can’t!
We can only measure failure.

Success is an ongoing process, whereas failure is absolute.

This doesn’t mean that we cannot learn from our mistakes and try again. It just means we have no way of measuring success.

Every business needs a Budget and a Cash Flow – Right?


The problem with listening to mindless cliches is, we start to believe them. Then we pass this ‘advice’ onto the next generation of business owner, and they, in turn, spread the diatribe forward.

The problem with a Budget is, most end up in a draw and are never looked at again.

The problem with a Cash Flow is, it’s based upon what we already know, so what’s the point of having one?

Unless, these two tools are used properly, and continuously, they are of no value. Therefore, we make these tools Dynamic – always changing – always ahead of the game.

Every business needs Goals – Right?


Every business needs a purpose.

Unless a business has a purpose, goals mean absolutely nothing.

Imagine a hockey team in the pay-offs and things are not going well. After losing yet another game, the coach tells the media that the team needs to get more goals, but what is the point of scoring more goals if the opposing team scores even more goals. A team that isn’t doing well is a team that does not understand its purpose. In this particular example, the team’s purpose is to win the championship!

It’s Lonely at the top!

We will be there whenever needed, to advise and encourage the business owner to function effectively.

When things go wrong, we all blame things beyond our control. It’s a little trick we play on ourselves. It’s a way to avoid being at fault.

But sadly, nearly all problems facing a business are internal.
We find the problems, and we help fix them.

Let us reduce the uncertainty

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