Everyone is an expert right up to the moment when things go wrong!

When it comes to starting and operating a small business, today there is plenty of information - probably too much information. Most of it is just regurgitated rhetoric, often embellished to make it look original, and then passed on by people who mean well.

All this information is wonderful when things are booming and there seems to be no end to your success, but it suddenly becomes useless when things take a turn for the worse and you suddenly find your time is being consumed trying to keep the proverbial 'wolf' from the door.

While business is thriving, who needs budgets or cash flows. When bills are being paid and the staff are happy, why worry about things that might happen?

Every business owner knows that optimism is essential in any business. However, history repeatedly shows that most new businesses do not last a year, and many are gone within the first five years. Those that do survive often start to stagnate at the seven-year mark.

Business owners cannot afford to be complacent, especially when it comes to details.

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