Small Business Resource HUB

Do you own a Small Business?

Many a person has at one time or another had a dream to one day own their very own successful small business.

Starting a small business is easy!
Owning and operating a small business – not so much!

We don't want to get all doom and gloom!

But the hard reality is –
many businesses fail in the first year!
Most are gone by year 5!

So who do you turn to for help?

For the most part, you and your business will be ignored by Banks and by Governments.

Banks are only concerned with how much money will flow through your business account.

Goverments are only concerned with how many people you employ and the income tax it can gather from those employees.

Neither bankers nor bureaucrats care about the blood, the sweat and the tears – the dreams and aspirations, or in many cases – the sense of failure and the heartbreaks that business owners experience.

Here are your choices -

You can learn from YOUR mistakes.

This is called the ‘Trial & Error’ method –
which is how most businesses fail.


You can use the ‘Mimic’ method.

You can pay someone to explain how successful THEY were and how you can be a success if you copy what they did.

Just remember - you are not alone!

According to StatsCanada, in 2018 there were 2.9 million self-employed people in Canada.

Who knows how many there are worldwide.

PLUS - we are here to help!

We will provide you with the right information you need to run a successful business.

As we grow our membership you will become part of an ever-increasing family of similar-minded business owners.

By becoming a member you will receive information on various topics that will encourage you and help you to succeed.


We are not going to feed you
regurgitated rhetoric.

• • •

There is a lot of information out there about how to start and run a small business.

• • •

But there are those who talk theory and those who have actual experience.

We have the Experience
We do Understand!
And we Care!

We are NOT an association!
We are NOT here to just collect fees!

There is a lot more
to running a business
than just the numbers.

• Accountants talk about numbers.

• Salespeople talk about commissions.

• Governments talk about taxes.

• Banks pretend to empathise.

• Investors talk about ROI (Return On Investment).

• Suppliers talk about how you can help them.

• Employees talk about jobs.

• And customers want value.

But – does anyone care about what you want?

The Good! The Bad! The Ugly!

We’re not here to impress you with what we know, nor are we going to tell you what we think you would like to hear.

Instead, we’ll give you the information you actually need – even if it’s good, bad or just plain ugly! 

Our mission is to help YOU!

By becoming a member you will receive information on various topics that will encourage you and help you to succeed.

We have just started and we have lots of ideas – but right now it’s one step at a time.

So, we encourage you to join us!

Annual membership is CAN$ 59.95
That’s only $5 per month! 

The costly mistakes we will help you avoid will more than cover the cost of your membership!

Still undecided?
No worries!

‘Decision Making’ is one of the many topics we will cover.

It’s your call!