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Michael A. Coates

About me

How it all began

When I started my business, there was absolutely no one I could turn to for help or guidance. My bank manager looked at me with a blank expression. My lawyer told me to go and generate some good-will, and my accountant said I would do OK!

That was it.
That’s when I realised I was on my own.

Today, things are different. Today, there is perhaps too much information. Unfortunately, most of it is just a rehash of what someone else has said.

It’s all about the experience

My experience as a business owner began when I decided I’d had enough of working for other people.

It was the era of the office computer, and I initially set out on a quest to help business owners make informed decisions regarding their computer needs.

After working with so many small businesses, it became clear that there was an even greater need. Many of these businesses were operating one day and time. They really need help.

For example – one of my first clients had hit a plateau.  Their sales had topped out. To me, the problem was obvious, and so I set about helping the managers manage, and teaching their salespeople how to sell. In six months, their receivables were in line and the company had tripled its sales, and more importantly – its profits.

We offer a unique program

The core of our systems was developed over time, but each business we encountered has its own set of characteristics that set it apart, and so we adjust our methodology accordingly. It’s all about the experience.