About Me

While I have an extensive education, along with work experience in scientific research, I had absolutely no experience, or even any education in the field of commerce. At the time, it seem inevitable I was destined to spend the rest of my days in some company working 9 to 5 for someone else. But fate and circumstance had other plans for me. There came a day when I decided I was never ever going to work for anyone else ever again. With that determination and faced with no alternative – I decided to start my own business. After all – how hard could it be?

Doing your Passion

To start a business, one should first have a purpose and a sense of passion. I was passionate about computers, and I discovered a lot businesses needed help with computers.  However, I  discovered more and more businesses needed management help.

There have been a lot of ups and downs, but I’m happy to say I emerged. I never earned a million dollar salary but I did learn something that was much more valuable. Although it is something viewed as a cliche or some sort of self patronising excuse – I came away with a whole pile of experience. That experience came mostly in the form of how NOT to run a business. Luckily, my science background had taught me something more that just scientific principles. It had taught me to observe, to think, to analyse, to question, to investigate, to take note, and most of all – to learn.

Over the years, I learned a lot – so much in fact that I built a business passing this knowledge onto clients to help them with their businesses. Some clients listened – some didn’t. Of those who didn’t listen, sadly most are no longer in business.

I wrote a book  –  “It’s Nobody Else’s Business”

Originally, this was going to be published as a single bound book – one with physical pages, the type you can write on, pages that can ‘bookmarked’ by turning down the corners, the type you can spill coffee on.

However, that is not the direction the world is headed. We’re now well entrenched in the digital era. Therefore, the ‘book’ is being published in discrete sections or modules. Interested buyers can purchase whichever module or modules they wish, and in whatever order they desire. Having said that, I do suggest buying them all and in the order they are presented. You may be thinking – of course I would say that because the more sections sold, the more revenue – and you would be right. But it’s not about me, and it’s not about cost – it’s about you and the value you derive. And that is a valuable lesson for any business person. “It’s not about cost – it’s about value”

Enjoy, and good luck with your business.
Sincerely, Michael A. Coates