The ART of Owning a Business

We take the guesswork and uncertainty
out of running a business!

All businesses are successful - until they fail!

When a business fails, it is often blamed on poor management. But the usual cause is that the business got blindsided.


Call us today to make sure you'll never need to know the answer to this question.

There are four crucial components to any successful business. Growth - Sustainability - Profitability - Resilience

Business owners tend to focus on growing their business. They assume everything else will fall into place. This methodology only appears to work when the economy is booming. But don't be fooled - disaster can strike at any time!

Sometimes it helps to talk to someone. WHY?

Because we can help you take the guesswork and uncertainty out of running a business.

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TRENTYNE MANAGEMENT INC. is a Canada Corporation.

We work primarily with owners of small Canadian based businesses.

We are not lawyers! We are not accountants!
While practitioners of these professions are qualified in their own fields, neither are qualified nor have the experience to do what we do.

If you own and operate a small business, perhaps this is an excellent time to call us.

Would you like to hear from us occasionally?


We are located in the Greater Niagara Region in Ontario