There are many ideas about
how to build a successful business!

Business owners tend to focus on only one!

It's your business

You started it - you own it. But now you think you have to go it alone.

You can't grow a business without sales - right! And so you concentrate on sales.

But sales come from marketing, and so you concentrate on marketing. This means - websites, advertising, social media, blog posts, and SEO, etc.

Then you have to keep track of customers - those people who forever seem to get in the way of your business. They have enquiries, they need support and they need your attention.

Before long, you are overwhelmed with these new tasks that increasingly consume your time - tasks that distract you from your main function, which is building up your business.

But don't worry - we're in the age of computers, and along with computers, there are computer applications (APPS) that help you keep track of everything. There are 'customer relationship management (CRM)' APPS that take care of your 'sales pipelines', 'funnels',  and 'customer journeys and experiences.' Other features provide 'onboarding' and 'surveys' designed to give your customers a warm and cosy experience. There are online accounting APPS that make you feel like you are in control. And when all this gets too much, there are APPS that will integrate information from all those other APPS, which ultimately creates an even bigger mess.

Finally - most of these APPS are designed around your teams. In today's small business world, if you don't have an online 'team', you are made to feel like you are somehow at the losing end of the success train.
But let's think about this.

While all this stuff makes running a business look easy and efficient, your time is being slowly consumed by stuff that is designed to keep you busy. After all - it has been drummed into us that being busy equates to success.

Consequently, all this activity gives you the impression that you must be succeeding, even while your business is falling apart.

It's little wonder that many small businesses never make it past the first year, and most are gone after year five. But these are only statistics. They don't represent the broken dreams and the heartbreak associated with losing everything you tried to build.

That's just the front end of the business.

There's also the backend of the business. Along with the bookkeeping and the tax compliance, there is the ever-threatening and overly complicated red-tape imposed upon you by the multiple levels of government. This bureaucracy isn't in place to help you or your business succeed. Its sole purpose is to use you and your company to keep more and more civil servants employed.

When does it all stop?

It stops when you burn out, quit, or your business fails.

Alternatively, you can give us a call.

We are not miracle workers.

We can't un-sink the Titanic. However, what we can do is help you navigate your business around the icebergs.

Out talent is based upon 40 years of experience. We've seen what happens to small businesses in the hands of inexperienced owners. We've watched good deals fall apart because of naïve negotiating tactics. We've seen business owners lose millions - some have lost their homes and their families. We've watched businesses crippled by government audits.

If you own a small business and you are in it for the long haul - give us a call.

We're not interested in under-the-radar or fly-by-night businesses. If you hope to get rich in the next 24 hours, or if you think that the latest APP magically drops money into your account as you enjoy a latte while climbing a rock face - good luck, but we can't help you.

We work with business owners who are serious about their businesses and have realistic expectations. We work with business owners who are ready and willing to protect themselves and their businesses from failure.

Our Mission - 
We want all our clients to be able to sleep well at night.

This is what we do, and we do it very well.

Sometimes it helps to talk to someone - give us a call!

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About Us
TRENTYNE MANAGEMENT INC. is a Canada Corporation.

We work primarily with owners of small Canadian based businesses.

In addition to our unique expertise, we have extensive knowledge of Canadian Tax rules when it comes to Businesses, and we are experienced when it comes to dealing directly with Revenue Canada Agency on your behalf. We also understand Canadian business practices which is helpful when it comes to negotiations.

We are not lawyers and we are not accountants.
While practitioners of these professions are qualified in their own fields, neither are qualified nor have the experience to do what we do.

If you have a small business and have long term plans for its success, then perhaps this is a good time to give us a call.

Would you like to hear from us occasionally?


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